Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Cremation Gardens?

They are a modern alternative to a traditional cemetery with two locations in the Denver Metro area. Unlike a traditional cemetery, The Cremation Gardens are designed to resemble the natural beauty of the State of Colorado. As you walk through the pathways, you feel as though you are actually in a public nature park, filled with flowers, water features, boulders and foliage, all cared for and designed to create a special place of comfort and remembrance for families.

2. If my loved one was cremated and nothing has ever been done with the cremated remains, is it too late to do something now?

No! It is not unusual for families, after some time has passed, to decide to have a permanent place for their loved one.

3. Are just niches and boulders available or can cremated remains be placed in the earth?

Many people select a burial option for their loved one’s cremated remains. There are many sites throughout The Cremation Gardens designed expressly for the burial of cremated remains.

4. Can I memorialize a loved one who was buried somewhere else or whose cremated remains have been scattered?

Yes. We have many options for this, including cenotaphs and memorial walls.

5. How does the cost of The Cremation Gardens compare to traditional cemeteries?

Generally speaking, we are less costly than a traditional cemetery. One of our well-trained cemeterians will be happy to explain all your options to you.

6. Are we able to use any funeral home or cremation provider, and still have placement in The Cremation Gardens?

Yes, we work with all funeral homes and cremation providers in the area. However, there is a discount available if you use Horan & McConaty for this service.

7. Where are you located?

We have two convenient locations, both adjacent to Horan & McConaty Funeral and Cremation Services locations.

Aurora: 11150 East Dartmouth, at Parker Road

Centennial: 5303 East County Line Road, just West of Holly

For directions call 303-743-8804

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We are here to assist you and can answer any questions you may have regarding options, pricing and memorialization.
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Glossary of Terms


A nonferrous, precious alloy of copper, zinc and/or tin, and sometimes other elements. It’s durability makes it desirable for permanent outdoor memorialization.


The container, often made of copper or bronze, in which the cremated remains are placed for earth burial.


A memorial plaque dedicated to someone who is buried or scattered elsewhere, or whose remains may have been lost at sea or in another tragic way.


(see Niche)


A ceremony that helps us acknowledge the reality and finality of death.

Cremated Remains

The remains of a person whose body has been cremated. Sometimes called ashes, they are not usually that fine and often include bone fragments.


The reduction of bodily remains to inorganic bone fragments by intense heat in a specially designed chamber.


The process or art of cutting or carving a design on a hard surface, especially so as to make a print.


A commemorative ceremony held in tribute to a life well lived, in either a funeral home, church or other location, with the body present.


A very hard, granular, crystalline, igneous rock consisting mainly of quartz, mica, and feldspar and often used as a building stone or as a permanent memorial marker.


The placing of bodily remains in the ground.

Interment Rights

The right to bury human remains in a particular space in a cemetery.


The placing of urned cremated remains in the ground.

Memorial Inscription

The act or an instance of inscribing a piece of material, such as a stone or metal tablet, in remembrance of a loved one.

Memorial Service

A commemorative ceremony held in tribute to a life well lived, in either a funeral home, church or other location, without the body present.


A structure housing independent recesses for the permanent keeping of cremated remains.

Opening and Closing

The preparing of a grave for burial and the conclusion of the same.


A communal scattering chamber for cremated remains.

Perpetual Care

The preservation, improvement, embellishment, and maintenance, in perpetuity and in a proper manner of lots, plots, tombs, monuments, or enclosure, in a cemetery or of compartments in a columbarium.


Dispersal of cremated remains in either an ossuary or in an open environment as allowed by law.


Memorial container for cremated remains which is placed in the earth or niche.

If you have any questions about any of the terminology we use, please feel free to ask us. We are here to help you.